Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

In this YouTube debate hosted by the very unprofessional Bitcoin Magazine team, Richard Heart gets to debate Aleks Svetski who is a Bitcoin maximalist. Richard has a lot of knowledge to share about Bitcoin and crypto in general, but neither Svetski or the hosts of the show are willing to listen and learn.

Screenshots have also been taken of the Bitcoin Magazine team claiming things about Richard Heart on their live chat that are simply not true as if they were trying to provoke Richard.

As soon as Svetski made a comment about Richard’s weight we knew the debate was over, Svetski did not have any sensible debate left in him. Richard won this one fair and square. For some unknown reason Bitcoin Magazine decided to delete this video from their channel a few hours after airing live. But you can still watch it on Richard Hearts channel as he has the foresight to record it live too. Watch the debate here……